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Family law mediation is a non-adversarial, private and confidential way to settle your family law matters without going to court and without having to pay lawyers for the back and forth involved in negotiations. Our accredited, certified specialist in family law mediation will facilitate conversations between you and the other party and support you in reaching an agreement that you can live with, one that works for both of you.

Our approach is a tailored one - one size does not fit all - because our objective is to ensure that all of our clients are empowered to meaningfully participate and to reach a lasting agreement for themselves and their children.

In a confidential, individual intake session, our mediator will get to know you and how you got to mediation. She will screen for power imbalances and determine how you can be most comfortable and effective as a negotiator. Your mediation will be structured to meet your needs and those of the other person and for some that may mean you are not sitting in the same space as the other person.

When agreements are reached through mediation, our mediator will prepare a Mediation Summary Report (or Memorandum of Understanding) or, if both clients will be seeking Independent Legal Advice, our lawyer mediator will draft a domestic contract for you both, such as a Separation Agreement.


Issues Mediated

  • Separation and Divorce (custody & access, now decision-making, parenting time, contact & parenting plans)

  • Separation and Divorce (child support &/or spousal support)

  • Separation and Divorce (property division, equalization and other financial issues)

  • Separation and Divorce (comprehensive - all issues - parenting, support & property)

  • Cohabitation Agreements

  • Marriage Contracts

  • Paternity Agreements

  • Parent-Teen Relations

  • Review of terms of a domestic contract or court order



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