Kaufmann Dockrill & Associates provides entrepreneurs and business owners with strategic, effective and tailored solutions for their legal and business needs.

At KDA our focus and specialty is on helping small and medium sized, locally run and family owned businesses. We take pride in being part of helping our client’s businesses grow and prosper with us in this community.

We can help at all stages of your business’s life, from the selection of an appropriate legal entity through which to conduct your business, to the establishment of the business, working out arrangements (and disputes) between partners or shareholders, assisting in the financing and purchase of assets (including other businesses), negotiating, drafting and closing acquisition and divestiture agreements, working with your accountants to achieve the most tax-efficient arrangements for your business, assisting in employment and leasing matters, franchising, or advising on any other issues which may affect your business. We have the knowledge and experience to deal with the legal issues unique to your business and to deal with transactions from the simple to the complex. We have experience dealing with a wide variety of the types of agreements and other arrangements in which your business may become involved.